AJ Maguire


From the Back Cover

 The female race as we know it is extinct.  In a last ditch effort for human survival, scientists altered the female genome, creating the mutated Novo Femina race.  These deformed and cybernetic-enhanced women have been placed into tight subjugation by the religiously fanatic Makeem Loyalists.  High Priestess Celeocia Prosser finds herself in the ultimate showdown of male versus female and sends her son careening through time to locate the one person in Earth’s history who might be able to tip the balance of war; Reesa Zimms.

 Reesa, a science fiction novelist of some renown, is ill-prepared for her sudden appearance in the future.  Accused of being either a prophet or a murderer, she comes face to face with the deformities she thrust onto the female race, and is forced to confront her own motivations for writing the atrocities in her books.