AJ Maguire


Persona - A Note from the Author

There are some stories and characters that simply refuse to let me go. Megan Klaudia Shepherd is one of them. I began writing her story over ten years ago when I was working at a hospital in my home town. I wrote it in a notebook and several of my coworkers would read any updated passages I had for them on their breaks. 

In hindsight, I imagine that might have been one of the reasons I chose to place the novel on Wattpad for my little experiment in 2013. It only seemed natural to let readers have bits of the story at a time instead of the whole thing at once.

But Megan has haunted me as one of those stories I just had to get back to.

So I did.

I could tell you all the differences between the draft ten years ago and the one today but that wouldn't really matter. What matters is Megan. Her search for identity in the middle of extreme circumstances managed to inspire me. She may be fiction, but I learned quite a lot from her.

I hope others will too.  

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