AJ Maguire


The Sedition Series - A note from the author

Sedition was my first published work and with each successive novel I have enjoyed getting to know Trenna and Nelek. The first novel was, by and large, a romance. We get to meet Trenna and Nelek separately, and then we get to see how good they are together. 

The second novel, Saboteur, has a plot dealing with politics and prejudice, but the main theme is coming to terms with parenthood. There's still plenty of action, Trenna wouldn't be Trenna if she didn't get to swing a sword now and again. 

The third novel, Usurper, is all about family. Since it was just released last month, I feel obliged to hold back any spoilers.

To be honest, I can measure my progress as an author through these books. I hope to release second editions of both Sedition and Saboteur in the near future so that they better reflect how far I've come with the writing craft.