AJ Maguire


The Sedition Series - A note from the author

The world and characters in the Sedition series have become so familiar to me that I could swear they were real people. Trenna with her sass and Nelek with his firm focus on family are both inseparable from my mind. Their journey continues in the up-and-coming Usurper and the fourth yet-to-be-titled book in the series.

To be honest, I wrote Sedition before I knew many of the "rules" for writing. I didn't have a theme and I had no idea how to present a query, I was just writing. I wrote a story that compelled me.

I wrote a love story.

I've listened to writers and readers alike who bemoan the need for romance in a story and I have to admit to being slightly confused by it. There's a reason why romance sells and it's not necessarily the "intimate" scenes.

All of us are looking for someone to know us. Someone who recognizes who we are at our core and loves us for it. That's the kind of love we're looking for.

That's why Sedition is a love story and will continue to be.  

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