AJ Maguire




From the back cover:

Smash witchcraft and steampunk technology together and you get the world of Magnellum, where Witches are nobility and the populace depends on Magic to keep the Wild at bay. Witch-Born is a Fantasy with steampunk tendencies revolving around the lives of Elsie Delgora and Saldorian Feverrette.  Fate literally thrusts these two together when Saldorian stumbles over the seditious plot Elsie has been conducting for 23 years.  As the two struggle to find an accord the House Lands of Delgora begin to crumble under the tyranny of Vicaress Reonne, whose hidden pet known as the Dellidus slowly eats at the Magic keeping the Wild away.


The ceramic mug shattered before he’d gotten it halfway to his mouth.  Hot mocha exploded with the impact of bullet to mug and the once pleasant teem of quiet conversation made an abrupt switch to startled screams.  In the breath of a moment before he took action Dorian had one thought; he was going to die over a cup of coffee.  Spurring his movements with his Witch-Born Magic he slid to the left.  The magic took immediate effect, quickening the whole of his body so that he appeared like a blur to the general public.  Jacket, skin and undershirt flayed open as the bullet grazed his left arm and Dorian hissed in pain.  

Only another Witch-Born could have hit him at the speed he’d been going.  He tried to catch the trajectory of the bullet as people scrambled out of the way, deserting the café porch with gasps and screams but there was no time.  As soon as he had evaded the bullet he heard the telltale whoosh of a dart gun somewhere to his right.  With a panted curse he kicked his table over and dove behind it, shielding his body from the succession of darts that sunk into the wood.  

Thirteen years on the run, hunting the Bedim Assassins, dodging through the more squalid ditches and byways of Magnellum and he was caught by surprise.  For coffee, he thought again.  

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