AJ Maguire


The Witch-Born Series - A note from the author
My original plans for Witch-Born was to write a straight romance novel. Sedition has a love story in it, but it is surrounded by political intrigue and war and all that jazz, so it doesn't exactly qualify for the Romance genre. 
But when I started Witch-Born for National Novel Writing Month in 2008 I got seriously bored. I just couldn't get my brain to work within the parameters of a full-fledged romance novel.
So I put witches in it. And magic. And because a friend of mine suggested it, I made it steampunk. With the steampunk came trains, dirigibles and assassins. (If you want to know a secret, I would play Arcanum for a few minutes before I sat down to my writing for the day. That helped immensely.)
In the end, I really enjoyed Elsie and Dorian's story but it turned out that there was more to their story than one book could hold. Its counterpart, Dead Magic, is the second and likely the final book in the series. 

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