AJ Maguire


A.J. (Aimee Jean) Maguire

A.J. Maguire is a consumer of stories. She thoroughly believes that stories are the bedrock of humanity, and that the answer to every question in life can be found in the tales that we tell. She also believes that spiders are the spawn of Satan and that her cat might just be the reincarnation of Dionysus.

Maguire enjoys books with strong characters who challenge her as a person and manage to whisk her off with adventure at the same time. This means that she reads nearly any genre and any author but her favorites include Diana Gabaldon, James Rollins, Ken Follett, Jennifer Crusie, and Brandon Sanderson.

Maguire is passionate about her craft and constantly working to improve. She'll probably keep telling stories long into her old age (which is still several decades off) and believes that being an author is the single greatest, most wonderful gift she has been given -- apart from her son. She looks forward to every story and hopes to release many more novels in the years to come.  

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